Busy Week


Last week we had to call another ambulance.

I had an episode of reflux where some feed ended up in my lungs and up my nose. It was scary; I felt like I couldn’t breathe but my Oxygen sats. were the best they’ve been over the last few months. My nose was running and the saliva problem got worse as my body reacted to the feed. My cough wasn’t strong enough to clear it so we used my cough assist and suction machine. Unfortunately my gag reflex is super sensitive (another joy of the MND) – so Julia was looking in my mouth to see the stuff that needed suction and quickly stepped aside as I wretched. It was hilarious!


After 20 minutes I was worn out so we agreed to call an ambulance.

4 minutes later two paramedics turned up in a car (first responders) and a while later two more arrived in an ambulance. Fortunately, in the meantime we had got the chest cleared.  Julia said it was “the green uniform effect” and suggested I get a cardboard cut-out of a paramedic.

I didn’t have to go to A&E up at the John Radcliffe in Oxford; they managed to get me an appointment in our local hospital for a chest X-ray to show it had all cleared. The doctor gave me a 3 day course of antibiotics just to be safe.

They are so nice down at EMU (Emergency Multidisciplinary Unit) at Abingdon Hospital – Julia even got a cup NHS tea.

A couple of days later the same thing happened but we managed to clear it without the green uniform effect.

Julia emailed the surgery and the GP got back within the hour, even though it was his day off! He added Dom Pérignon (Domperidone), the true champagne breakfast – to speed up the transit of food through my stomach.  Now I am on smaller feeds 6 times a day starting at 7.30am  Doesn’t she know I am a teenager !?!

Kevin becomes a teenager

So now we are taking the suction machine and the cough assist wherever we go. I don’t know where I would be without Julia; probably in hospital. I love her more than ever…

12 thoughts on “Busy Week

  1. Kathleen Drum

    Ah! Domperidone …. used in cancer treatment too. I know it well. That must have beem very scary for you both, but I am so pleased that you are doing OK now. Maybe Julia could dress up in a green uniform 😉?

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  2. Angela Webster

    Such an inspirational couple. Mike you make the horrible scary experience sound like an adventure. What an amazing person you are. And i agree very lucky to have the beautiful caring Julia by your side. X

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Moira hinkley -Smith

    I was very concerned last week when both the paramedics car and the ambulance arrived on your drive, though very pleased to see both you and Julia appear sometime later . You never cease to amaze me ; you are such an inspiration to us all, your love for one another is the strength that holds your loving family together.xx

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  4. Maria Godebska

    Sorry to hear about the reflux, happy to hear about the green-uniform effect. maybe you yourself, Michael, could dress up in one as well – make it a snug fit, so if you have the same thing happen again, just look down at yourself.
    I wish you all the best of the best.

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  5. Freya Haworth

    “Champagne” breakfasts in work were also not as the name suggests. Still miss them. Although scary (more so for you !) – the updates and humour are greatly appreciated.

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