The Fall

Michael’s story
Last Sunday I found myself on the floor at 4am. I think I had tried  to get out of bed and took my BiPAP mask off. It is strange having weak arms and a heavy head with no neck muscles.
I couldn’t get up of the floor although I tried very hard. I knew I couldn’t be down there long because of my breathing: I can’t lay flat and breathe. So there was time pressure.
Julia was in the lounge reading a book (probably asleep) and I couldn’t reach the call bell. The BiPAP was alarming and the tube was by my mouth so I could get some fresh air .  Someone was looking after me.
Then I spotted a cable charging my phone and I thought if I could phone the landline it would wake Julia and she would see my number and guess I had been stupid.
I pulled the wire and brought the phone within reach, dialling the house phone a couple of times…..  My next thought was Jonny but  then Julia appeared and got me sat up. I thought I had broken the humidifier but it’s tougher than that. My only injuries were a couple of small bruises on my right arm.
Julia’s story

Having had enough of Michael’s interminable faffing I went to sit in the living room and read a book at 02.30. I awoke to the sound of our phone ringing at 4 am. The number was “Mike Mobile” so I naturally assumed it was my brother but on checking the number found it was Michael’s phone. As I opened the door to our bedroom I could hear the alarm for his BiPAP then spotted him flat on the floor. After my initial reaction (panic) I checked he was still breathing before manhandling him upright and replacing the BiPAP. It’s amazing what you can do when you have to.

Being at home and facing a situation like this is far more difficult than at work; there’s no alarm button and no colleagues to help you move the risk-taking buffoon back into bed. Panic gave way to irrational anger; why did he try and get out of bed on his own again? I feel pretty chilled about it now, but for a few days afterwards I couldn’t stop thinking about what might have happened if he hadn’t been able to reach his phone.

We’ve made an adjustment to the place his call bell is so now he can reach it is he falls again but Michael shows no signs of actually doing what I tell him to and continues to launch himself out of bed while I sleep through it. I shouldn’t complain about his stubbornness though; it’s what got him this far.

No toddlers were harmed in the making of this blog. Reenactment staged using a very cooperative model.

12 thoughts on “The Fall

  1. Karen

    Well, Mike you don’t do things by half do you!. It’s enough to give Julia grey hair! ( Julia hair dye is on offer at the moment if you want to stock up or need me to get any for you ?)
    I am so glad you are so stubborn Mike, but please no more giving Julia panic times like that.
    Am so glad him up there was not kipping but had an eye on you.
    Love to two amazing ❣️ peeps regards Karen.

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  2. Teri

    You two are so strong together and have the ability to tell it how it is without any trace of self pity. Not entirely sure that this is the right time of day to choose to dance around the bedroom! Respect and 💕

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank God (I expect you have already) that you are both alright, especially you Michael! I fall over at regular intervals (I like to keep the Paramedics on their toes), but since wearing a proximity alarm around my neck which automatically summons the emergency services should I fall, I only have to factor in that it will take about 25 minutes for the 1st responder to appear and help assess why I am on the floor helpless as an upturned beetle. Speechless too. The joys of MND. Stephen x

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  4. Spencer White

    This is a timely reminder that when we wake up in the middle of the night. we can usefully focus our prayers on holding you Mike before The Lord for your 24/7 support.

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  5. Moira hinkley -Smith

    What an amazing couple you are – nothing every seems to faze you ! we are always at the end of a phone call if needed. Keeper you in our prayers . Moira and ken

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  6. Anthony

    Mike and Julia, I just love reading your posts. Actually more than that I feel like I love you guys so much. You are such an inspiration. I pray that Christ might continue to carry your family through this MND rollercoaster. If ever we can do anything for you please say. Much love in Christ!

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  7. Someone was definitely looking after you there with the breathing tube. Scary story, but a wonderful insight into how challenging some things are that most take for granted. Keep the blogs coming. Love hearing both sides of the story.
    Glad it all worked out x

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  8. Jeff

    Dear Mr Litt, why oh why am i not surprised buy this story! You have to be the most determined person i have met. Once you have a idea there is no way it’s getting away! Really pleased your fine. I think about you and family often. I miss you in our meetings. Warmest regards jeff C .


  9. Jon

    Truly inspiring blog. Pleasure to have worked with you (even when you spoke at a thousand miles an hour!). Your positive attitude is missed in the workplace. Jon C.

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