A tale of two taxis


Michael and I wrote this last week, before he got ill.


A Tale of Two Taxis

Michael had an appointment at the John Radcliffe for Botox injections to reduce his saliva. Take a taxi, I thought, because it will be really straightforward and stress-free. I rang the company in the morning, explaining that we needed a taxi that would accommodate a tilt-in-space chair. “Of course, I’ll make sure you get one that will fit the chair in, no problem.” And could I pay in the taxi? “Yes, all of our taxis have card payment on board.” And please make sure it’s on time as we’ve not done this before and we don’t want to be rushed. “Made a note of it, no need to worry”.

It would perhaps be unfair to name the company, but suffice to say they made a right royal mess of it. The taxi was late, the driver flustered and bordering on rude as he told us we couldn’t mess around because he had special needs kids to pick up for the school run, and they got upset if he was late. He grabbed the chair and took a run up before getting stuck at the top of the ramp and yanking out the head rest. “You don’t need this, do you?” Well yes, actually, but if we delay any more we’ll miss the appointment. “Get in miss, we have to leave now or we’ll be late. Have you got £35? If not I’ll have to stop at the cash point so you can get the money out”. So you don’t have a card reader in the cab then. Neither did he have the facility to secure the wheelchair to the taxi so, as he took the bumpiest possible route to the John Radcliffe in order to avoid traffic I perched on the edge of my seat, one foot wedging the wheels of the chair as it skidded across the floor and both hand supporting Michael’s head as he was thrown around.

The driver asked me to key his number into my phone so we could just call him direct next time (never going to happen) so I pretended to press the required buttons while praying that the traffic jam would budge an inch and we could get into the drop-off area before Michael missed his appointment all together. I felt sick, flustered, and guilty for putting Michael through this awful journey because I thought it would be easier than driving, waiting an hour for a space to park in then trying to walk him with his ventilator, suction and feed pump. How would we get home, because we weren’t asking Mr. Helpful to drive us home again?

So I asked the Help Desk at the John Radcliffe for help. They knew exactly who I needed and gave them a call. 25 minutes later an energetic man with a massive smile bounded into the West Wing and said, “You must be Michael! I’m going to get you home. Please excuse the trestle tables; I was on my way to drop them off at the church hall when I got the call. Can I put the air conditioning on? “ Kit Mobility, a wonderfully professional and friendly company who actually CAN fit a big wheelchair in the back of the taxi without taking it apart and have the equipment to strap it to the vehicle.

Being in a wheelchair makes you so very vulnerable, and caring for someone who is in one can be a frightening responsibility. People who operate them have a duty of care to those they transport and this has been a real eye-opener for us. Still, now we know who to call and Michael got his Botox, so for his next treatment we’ll be fine.



6 thoughts on “A tale of two taxis

  1. Mike Warner

    Really sorry to hear your inbound taxi journey but very pleased to hear about the return. As a driver on the Ab Vol Drivers Scheme I doubt whether we have any drivers with suitable cars otherwise I am sure we would have helped. I have seen some atrocious behaviour from a very small minority of Abingdon taxi drivers and they should be named and shamed!


  2. Sue

    I am just appalled and upset for you both that you had to endure this dreadful treatment words fail me! Julia and Mike so glad now you’ve found a caring company that will transport you with care and a beaming smile😊


  3. Hey I told Dennis (aka) at the MNDA AGM that Kit Mobility had been transporting me and my powered wheelchair for some time. Such a pity that the message wasn’t relayed to you. Kit Mobility was recommended to me by the Oxfordshire MNDA Secretary Lesley Ogden. I have been using them for the last two years… Stephen x


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