I tried to be upbeat but lost is the word that applies today.

Lost without him.

Lost, directionless, bewildered, wrecked, rudderless, I have no compass.

Lost in my home, my familiar landmarks have gone.

We lost Michael on 16th May 2019 at 18.25. It was sudden, shocking, unbelievable. I miss him with a terrifying ferocity.

14 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Andrea Wright

    I can’t say I understand how you feel as yet I have no understanding of losing someone so loved. And you know we are all here for you yet I DO understand when you say you are lost. Love always, Andy xx

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  2. My heart bleeds for you Julia… now is the time for you to grieve and shed tears. Plant your forget me not seeds and watch them grow… life is all around you, though you will feel detached for some time, time only you will know… when the time is right you will notice that the sun still shines and your flowers have grown … God Bless you. Stephen xx

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  3. Maria Godebska

    I am so, so sorry for you Julia. I don’t have any words that can help, only tears for your grief and wishes that things were not as they are. Love and hugs.

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  4. Sue Porter

    Julia I know I speak for everyone here when I say we feel so much for you and wish we could find the right words to say to help you . Sometimes words aren’t enough to express how we feel for you and the family Michael was an amazing man , take some comfort in the knowledge you made him very happy and the way you cared for him was just incredible.

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  5. amy

    Julia, as others have already said, there is nothing that anyone can say to ease the indescribable pain, but i hope you can take some grain of comfort in how much love surrounds you from people near and far. Amy xxxx


  6. Moira

    Julia , your courage both now and throughout this difficult time has been incredible. keeping you in our thoughts and prayers , – Much love Moira and ken .xxx


  7. Moira hinkley smith

    Julia, your courage both now and throughout have been incredible- let’s your tears come and in time the rain stop and the sun will shine . Lots of love Moira and Ken.x


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