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I’m married to Julia and we live in Abingdon which is near oxford in the UK.  We’ve got 3 boys (24, 22 and 17) and a grandson, Dexter, born in Jan 2017 all living in our home. It is called the Loud House. (Picture sign) I’m an operations manager at Three UK. I studied Electronic Engineering at Southampton uni many years ago.

I became a Christian at uni but in 2002 I seemed to slip away from God, looking back it was probably work and life got too busy and I let it slip away. But 2012 God grabbed me back – he had been around when we had some tough times as a family a few years before – and when someone invited me to an Alpha Course I knew I had to go. As soon as I started on the course he welcomed me back as if the last 10 years hadn’t happened. And since then I have been looking into healing – it started when I asked why there was so much sickness in the family. Funny that I should get diagnosed with MND a few years later.

Julia is a nurse who’s worked with old people and now runs training courses for carers. She has cared for people with MND and so when I started showing the signs she had a clue what it may be. It’s like having my own MND nurse in the house – but I think at times she knows too much and that can make her sad.


The story so far