Why Plan A?


How do you live life to the full with a MND diagnosis hanging over you? The way I’ve done it is to have Plan A and Plan B.  Plan A is pursuing miraculous healing; getting healed and living into my 80s or 90s. Trusting God for everyday and getting to know Him better. It’s finding people of great faith to pray for me, seeing friends believe for more and getting prayed for as much as I can. It’s living life to the full; managing the disease in order to allow me to do as much as possible for as long as possible. Managing the fatigue by having regular rests and not giving up everything and going mad sat at home.

Plan B is getting things set up in case plan A doesn’t work out. Making sure the family are OK financially, spending time with people. Resolving issues and getting things in order. Getting people around me the help they need to adjust their lives if things don’t work out.

That’s why the blog is called Plan A.

I want to talk openly about living life with a disease like this and maybe bring hope to others facing similar things.

As the moment I feel pretty positive. Sure the disease is moving on and I’ve had to move to eating soft foods as I write this but I’ve got good people around me and I feel God around me and with me.

My Mum loved Psalm 23 especially towards the end of her battle with cancer. It talks about the valley of the shadow of death and God being with us.

Questions in my mind recently: Why don’t we see 100% of people healed? How would I guarantee getting healed? Is it false hope thinking that I’ll get healed? If there’s a probability of getting healed what odds would I think are worth pursuing? I mean people do the lottery week after week hoping to strike it rich and the odds are 1 in 45 million (ref).

What if the odds were 1 in 10,000 each time I get prayed for.  Would it be worth pursuing? Obviously God doesn’t work on odds; I don’t think He’s rolling a dice to decide if He answers prayers but there’s a mystery in all this.

So I had a search to see if there was any recorded healings of MND / ALS and I found a few. One guy even wrote a book (“High on a lie” by Danny Cox). Each healing seems to be different; some going to meetings to get prayed for by someone gifted in healing, and the guy that wrote the book? Just on his own in a prison cell. I may start collecting healing stories as part of this blog.